Strategic Manufacturing Sector Skill Council (SMSSC)
Strategic Manufacturing Sector Skill Council (SMSSC)

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Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a platform to provide recognition to the informal learning or learning through work to get equal acceptance as the formal levels ofeducation. It aims to appreciate prior learning irrespective of the medium of achieving it.In short, RPL is a process of assessment of an individual’s prior learning to give dueimportance to learning as an outcome rather than learning as process.

To ensure that the candidates being assessed under RPL are also oriented to thestandardized NSQF levels, QP-NOSs that would be followed under RPL, will be the same as one followed under fresh training. Further, to ensure the acceptance of RPL, in the Indian market, various pilots have been conducted by different sector skill councils andNSDA and the learnings are incorporated while preparing the guidelines for RPL in thePMKVY.

Under PMKVY, special focus is given to RPL by recognizing prior competencies of theassessed candidates and provides a certificate and monetary reward on successful completion of assessments. Average monetary reward under RPL would be around Rs.2,200 per candidate. Following allocation has been done under RPL in the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)


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