Strategic Manufacturing Sector Skill Council (SMSSC)
Strategic Manufacturing Sector Skill Council (SMSSC)

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At the SMSSC, we believe individuals make the company. They are its real assets – torchbearers of excellence who can take the company to greater heights. We accord intellectual importance and provide our people a creative, collaborative environment – an environment that encourages initiative, drive and a sense of professional fulfilment. We’re a team and everybody in it, right from juniors, Training Partners, Assessment Bodies, Promoters, Major Companies with the Defence industry, work collaboratively across diverse industries (Ship Building, Defence (Land & Naval Systems), Security Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment, to establish processes which will enable our clients to compete more effectively and gain sustainable advantage.

Turn your aspirations into achievements at SMSSC. We provide you with the opportunity to learn and hone your skills, to think expansively and excel in your chosen field. We invest in your potential as a consultant, as a colleague, and ultimately as a leader. You have everything going for you – transparency and open communication that is essential to a productive work environment and a management policy that promotes core values of integrity and a fair level playing field.

If you wish to expand your career horizons with one of India’s finest companies working under the NSDC & Ministry of Skill Development, please go through the opportunities available at SMSSC.

Contact: 011-41045783